Mariah Carey’s Weight Loss Journey – How Did She Get So Slim?

Addressing weight issues is one of the most difficult challenges anyone can face. Other people have tried everything there is that promises weight loss but to no avail. They are still stuck with their heavy frame and still mighty depressed about the way they look and in hearing the constant criticisms of other people. It’s really hard to lose weight and even the stars aren’t immune to such issues. Whether you are acting or singing in front of the camera, the public can still see even the smallest of your flaws and make a big fuss out of it, much more if you are overweight or obese and look awkward on screen.

Mariah Carey is without a doubt super talented and one of the best singers in the world today. With an estimated 500-million net worth, her singing range is quite extraordinary and hard to imitate. But despite her angelic voice, people still can’t overlook the fact that she has battled weight issues in her life. She even ventured into acting, which made her more vulnerable to the criticisms of other people because she didn’t really look her best during that time. Having kids did not help either as she kept on gaining weight and looking heavier and heavier both on and off-screen. Mariah is naturally curvy but turned awfully obese after giving birth to twins. Despite the failure of her marriage with famous actor Nick Cannon, who is the father of her kids, she has now found a new romance and rocks a smoking hot body.

Looking better (and richer) than ever, Mariah has lost a significant amount of weight and has got her curves in all the right places. She reminded everyone that she was a sex symbol in her heydays in the 1990s and her fitness regimen and bleak diet helped her lose the weight alongside the help of the equally famous diet supplement, Garcinia Cambogia. She admits her body is still a work in progress and every day is a chance for her to further improve her appearance. Garcinia Cambogia helps her burn fats and keeps her appetite in check, so she no longer reverts back to her former fuller figure.

Now 70 pounds lighter, Mariah shares how Garcinia Cambogia enabled her to get a new lease on her life. Aside from the help of some of the best personal trainers and dietitians in the country today, the Garcinia Cambogia supplement helps Mariah burn fats and curb her appetite even if she no longer maintains her bleak diet and intense workout sessions. Garcinia is a wonder pill since it is naturally rich in hydroxycitric Acid (HCA), its active ingredient that is responsible for weight loss by blocking the enzyme, citrate lyase, from making more fats. And knowing all the controversies and scandals that rocked Mariah’s world, Garcinia will make sure she no longer resorts to emotional overeating in handling stress because of the increase in production of the neurotransmitter, serotonin – our natural picker-upper.

mariah carey garcinia cambogia

Mariah does not just focus on the aesthetics benefits offered by Garcinia and her consequent weight loss but more so on how her health has improved once she dropped all her excess weight. She encourages people with weight issues to act on their problem and not wish for their fats to simply just go away because it won’t. The solution need not always be expensive, like Garcinia Cambogia that is reasonable and delivers the weight loss results you so desperately need like Mariah did.

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