Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects – What You Need To Know

Garcinia Cambogia has several side effects but it is important to note that they are generally not experienced by the majority of people taking it. The side effects are mild and can be avoided with a few precautions below.

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Some potential side effects are:

-Digestive cramps
-Loss of appetite

An important mention is that the “loss of appetite” effect is directly related to a positive weight loss benefit of Garcinia, which is appetite reduction. Some people say that their appetite gets a little “too reduced”- but realize decreasing your food cravings so you do not have to eat as much is part of the supplement in the first place.

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The digestive cramps arise in around 2% of people(according to studies). There is no way to know if this will happen to you or not, all you can do is try it and see. Remember, the vast majority of people do not experience any side effects, including myself. In my personal opinion, the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia extract far outweigh the risk of any potential side effects. One of the reasons these cramps are presumed to happen is because most humans are not accustomed to consuming completely raw, natural substances. The modern diet consists mainly of very processed foods. When some people take Garcinia Cambogia, which is a 100% natural pure supplement, their digestive system cannot handle it without a few cramps.

Of course, before we try out any products, we need facts and results to support it. We know for sure that GC is proven to be safe and there is nothing that you need to worry about. It is simply extracts from a fruit, so it is 100% natural and it is not produced artificially. That is why dieters trust Garcinia.

Most studies have shown that combining diet with exercise is the most effective method for real long-term weight loss.

Have you ever wondered why people will often order a milkshake to go with their hamburgers and French fries? It has more to do with body chemistry than habit. Hamburgers and French fries are rich in stearic acid and palmitic acid. These two acids increases the desire for sucrose in the body, telling your brain that a milkshake would be nice thing to have with the burger and fries.

Headaches are the most rare side effect of all, and may not be due to Garcinia anyways. This is mainly a speculated side effect, but some people do report it. Whether or not it is actually directly linked to Garcinia is unknown.

If you are on the fence about trying Garcinia, don’t let the risk of any potential side effects hold you back. Remember, the possibility of you experiencing any of these side effects is about 1/50.

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